Aganorsa Leaf New Cuba Connecticut Robusto


The New Cuba Connecticut is part of Aganorsa Leaf’s most affordable range of cigars. The company is well known for its award-winning JFR, Guardian of the Farm and Casa Fernandez smokes and the cigars they make for world-class boutique brands like Viaje, Warped, Illusione, Foundation and others. The New Cuba Connecticut uses exactly the same tobacco, 50% long filler and 50% mixed and short filler left over from the production of these super-premium blends, enclosed in a smooth, naturally creamy Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. It’s simply perfect when you want to enjoy a well-made, flavouful and balanced smoke without worrying about your bank account.

Size: 5 x 50 (robusto)
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Blender: Arsenio Ramos & Max Fernandez
Maker: Aganorsa Leaf Estelí
Strength/Body: Mild-medium to medium
Rating: Not yet rated – recent release
Sample Review: Not yet reviewed – recent release

The New Cuba Connecticut draws and burns perfectly, delivering plenty of naturally sweet and creamy smoke with hints of newly-mown hay, pepper, cocoa, milky coffee, floral notes and some soft leather from the second third. This is an ideal morning coffee or after lunch smoke at a very nice price indeed.

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