Cigar Shack Maduro Bombs


We buy these unbanded Maduro Bombs by the crate directly from Plasencia. Uncle Nestor won’t tell us exactly what’s in them but we suspect they are overruns from a far more expensive line due to their rich flavour and solid construction. The Jalapa maduro wrapper dominates, giving intense and bittersweet dark chocolate and roasted coffee bean flavours with hints of leather and lots of creamy smoke.

Size: 4 x 42 (tres-petit corona)
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Blender: Nestor Placensia
Maker: Nestor Placensia
Strength/Body: Medium-full
Rating: N/A – own brand
Sample Review: N/A – own brand

These powerful little sticks offer a fabulous 30-40 minute smoke whose intense flavours make up for any lack of complexity. They perform best if rested for a week or two after shipping. If you have never tried a maduro cigar before, and you can handle a reasonably strong cigar, this is the one to start with.