Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter

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The Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter is a new and very different value-priced V-cutter. What makes it different to all other budget V-cutters is its reverse blade. This is exactly the same design as the blade used on the original Colibri V-Cut, which is four times the price!  The reverse blade means that the edges of the cutter are the first part of the blade to touch the cigar. Traditionally, the point of a v-cut blade would be the first to touch a cigar, frequently causing cracking and tearing. The Colibri Firebird Viper V-Cutter completely eliminates this problem.

  • Type: Reverse blade V-cut cigar cutter
  • No. of Blades : 1
  • Blade Material: HRC58 stainless steel (440c)
  • Frame Material: Rubberized, precision moulded ABS resin
  • Ring Gauge: 62 (24.4 mm)
  • Colour: White with Macanudo Cigars “M” logo
  • Country of Origin: China

Colibri offers no warranty offered for the Firebird range, but we’ll replace or refund any cutter that doesn’t work properly after 90 days. The ultra-hard stainless steel blade is very sharp and will produce a nice deep V-cut in cigars up to 62 ring gauge and a slightly shallower cut in even fatter cigars. It also comes with a very handy stainless steel key-ring.

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