Topper Old Fashioned Handmade Ebony


The Topper family have made cigars from locally-grown Broadleaf tobacco in Meriden, Connecticut, since 1896. In the 1960s, the family decided to switch to machine-made production, but now the legendary Topper Old Fashioned Handmade cigars are back, made 100% by hand in the Dominican Republic. The Topper Ebony is the pick of the range, using one of the darkest Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrappers we have ever seen, over a Cuban-seed Pennsylvania binder and Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan and Connecticut Broadleaf mixed-filler* tobaccos. The Ebony is a delight to smoke, and one of the best everyday cigar bargains we have ever offered.

Size: 5.5 x 48 (belicoso)
Country of Origin: Dominican Rep.
Blender: Chris Topper & Philip Zanghi
Maker: Dufort Cigars for Topper
Strength/Body: Medium
Rating: No rating found
Sample Review: Casas Fumando

The Topper Old Fashioned Handmade Ebony is a rugged and rustic looking cigar whose intense flavours make up for any lack of complexity. It delivers lots of sweet, creamy smoke packed with flavours of bittersweet dark chocolate, roasted coffee bean, licorice and hints of leather.  Starting out mild-medium in strength, it remains at medium for most of the smoke and sneaks up to medium-plus in the final third. If you smoke the cigar and not the brand name, you will be amazed by the Topper Ebony.

* Mixed filler is the highest grade of short-filler tobacco, using only those pieces of whole leaf that are too large for machine rolling, so you are unlikely to experience the usual short-filler disadvantage of spitting out bits of tobacco while you smoke.